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GLASSFLOOR Project reference


The innovation in room ventilation

This patented, walk-on skylight from Heliobus AG combines elegant design with advanced technology to provide your rooms not only with natural daylight but also with fresh air. Thanks to the innovative ventilation technology, the GLASSFLOOR Airflow enables fresh hygienic ventilation and night-time cooling of your interiors.

With the adjustable opening flaps, which are conveniently controlled automatically by remote control, you can regulate the supply of fresh air according to your individual requirements. In addition, the unique insulated fixed glazing with horizontally integrated ventilation function guarantees that fresh air can flow into the rooms without rainwater penetrating, even when closed.

Transform your living or working area into an oasis of well-being with the GLASSFLOOR Airflow into an oasis of well-being. Rely on a healthy climate and innovative technology - another groundbreaking innovation from Heliobus AG!



  • Triple insulating glass
  • Heating
  • Made to measure
  • Sun protection
  • Insulating frame
  • Burglary protection
  • Fresh air
  • Insect protection
  • Climate regulation
  • LED lighting
  • Privacy film
  • Antislip protection
  • Privalite privacy screen
  • Alarm fuse

Customized solutions made to measure

We offer walk-on skylights, specific to the requirements of your building project.

Custom-made products

Design examples

  • View of the version with two ventilation flaps
  • Version with one or two aeration chambers
  • Air exchange tested according to DIN EN12208