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GLASSFLOOR Project reference

Videos about walkable GLASSFLOOR Skylights

Walkable skylights illuminate several floors in terrace house

Through two walkable skylights, one above the other GLASSFLOOR skylights, daylight falls from the roof terrace to the basement of a terrace house. The walkable light floods elegantly integrate into the living atmosphere.

Professional installations with GLASSFLOOR Skylights

In addition to providing first-class products, we place great emphasis on a professional and smooth installation process. We are able to find a suitable solution for every challenge.

20-metre-long skylight

A long walkable skylight strip measuring 20 x 1 m provides daylight in the swimming hall below. An additional skylight strip measuring 8.5 x 0.7 m was installed above one of the seating areas to make the fitness room particularly bright. The custom installation was GLASSFLOOR carried out on site. This was done in cooperation with the engineering firm Atelier Glasnhof.

24 flat roof windows illuminate
an underground sports hall

The new building of the elementary school "Schule und Sport Ried" in Köniz (BE) impressively demonstrates the qualities of GLASSFLOOR in terms of condensed building without loss of daylight. The services GLASSFLOOR in the context of this project included daylighting calculations, the dimensioning and positioning of the skylights, and the determination of their number in order to ensure optimal illumination of the sports hall. The collaboration took place with Büning-Pfaue Kartmann Architects.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials provide specific instructions for on-site professionals on how to install and seal our walkable skylights. This enables a speedy and uncomplicated installation on the construction site.

QR code for video tutorials on each GLASSFLOOR delivery

Scan, watch, install. - Each order comes with a QR code that takes on-site professionals directly to our video tutorials for installation and sealing. The videos provide step-by-step instructions for installing and sealing walk-up skylights.

Individual solutions
made to measure

Our offer includes walkable skylights tailored to the exact requirements of your construction project.